Dating Q&A

Sex on the First Date?

“My mom thinks me dating means I’m going to be sleeping around a ton. It seems  lots of people do have sex on the first date. Is this okay or should I stick to date three? I’m in my twenties.” Meghan from Calgary, Alberta


We need to stop thinking that sex on the first date is an indication of loose morals. Meghan, darling, if you want to have sex with a guy on the first date, you go ahead and do just that. If you’re feeling it, and he is, and the timing is right and everything is aligned, why deny yourself one of the more wonderful experiences in life? Life can be shitty as it is, so grab what awesome it sends your way.

What you do on a first date is nobody’s business. We all have are own comfort levels, so choose yours and go with it. If sex on a  first date doesn’t feel right after all, then don’t, and let your date know if it goes that way. If he bails rather than waits, then you have a clear idea as to what he wanted and where he’s at mentally regarding relationships and moving forward in any capacity. He wants sex only probably.

Sex on a first date does not mean you are “loose.”

Sex on a first date can help you both figure out if you are compatible sexually. If you can’t work it in the bedroom, then why bother moving forward? My two cents. Unless you are fine with a sexless or meh sex life. I’m not.

Sex is fun and feels good, so if a moment and opportunity shows up I say go for it and enjoy it. Unless you’re a teenager. I don’t recommend this attitude for anyone under 18.  Just be safe and practice safe sex. Other than that, fall into bed and enjoy the moment and the beauty of your bodies coming together, if even for a short, sweet time.

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