Dating Q&A

What’s With the Classification Info?

Why do women think guys give a shit about BriggsMeyers classification? Are we supposed to know what those stupid letters mean and think some antiquated/limited test is going to set off some internal sensor? Like…wow…JBTF…what a catch. Maybe if it was BBBJ …now that’s a lady! – Anonymous, from the Beaches (in Toronto)

Hey, Anonymous!

Yes, well this isn’t only peculiar to women. Men also have their Myers-Brigg Type on their profiles. I thought it was suspect and odd myself the first few times I saw it. It even took me a bit to finally realize what in hell they were referring to.

It’s odd to say the least, because imagine in the real world throwing that into conversation when you first meet someone. I’d walk away lol. Weirdo. This stuff is really best saved for job interviews and employment purposes (and even then I don’t agree with it).

But for mating/dating purposes? It’s crackers. And pretentious.

It seems to scream “Look at me! Look what I know!” I agree with you – who gives a fuck. It doesn’t mean this person will be funny, and kind, and sensitive, and good in bed, and emotionally mature, and insert whatever awesome you need from a partner. It just means they fall into a psychological category developed by Katherine Cook Briggs in the early 1900s. It is no predictor of compatibility. Or that she/he won’t ghost or cheat on you.

You need to actually date and get to know the person for who they are to sort all that stuff out.

So why do women and men add this? Because they lack creativity, have nothing much more to say, and figure you can read all about them by knowing their type…and want to show off that they know this psychological stuff that I am to assume is meant to impress you.

Over coffee on a date it’s fun to talk about silly stuff like this, as it is to mention astrological signs, but beyond that it has no merit and won’t help determine anything. I guess it’ll help them match with other Briggs types and perhaps that’s what they want.


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