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Hmm…Online Dating Overall

Reviews of my book are coming in and one reader said it didn’t make her want to date and didn’t give a positive look at dating and online dating today. Not sure she’s my core audience, because if she was and in the dating scene she’d know that it is loaded with negativity and that it IS hard to find the positive in online dating. I didn’t create the situation, lady. I am only reporting back on what I personally saw and experienced after TWO YEARS of research. Do with that what you want.

I’m not here to sugarcoat what I experienced. I’m just sharing. This need to make everything feel good and positive is getting out of hand in society. Holy crap, let’s be serious–dating sucks and it’s hard and men are pigs and all they want is sex and no commitment, and women have made it so easy for men to just get sex and no commitment so wanting commitment from a man if you want it is almost near impossible to get, because WHY would he when he KNOWS there are tons of women out there who will fuck him and want nothing else from him. Thanks, fellow women, for completely obliterating the entire concept of monogamy and commitment.

So yeah, dating sucks. So sorry it wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows in the book for you. I wasn’t writing a fairy tale. I edit fairy tales.

Anyway, I’d give the ebook away for free if it helps women. So if you want a free copy because you’re about to start dating again and are scared and want to get ONE WOMAN’s perspective like having a gab session over coffee, comment here or contact me using the form and I’ll get you a copy somehow…which isn’t easy because Amazon doesn’t allow Canadians to gift copies.

But I’ll hook you up, because all I wanted to do was help women not make a gajillion dollars. I wished a book like this was available when I went back out there and it didn’t exist so I created one.

If you want lies and consistent feel-good passages to soothe you, don’t bother with my book. But if you want some funny truths, dive on in and it’ll at least get you started. It’s not the fucking gospel, but a damn good heads-up.

Peace, love, all that good feeling stuff.

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