Book Release

Dating book killed the dating life

Well, this is interesting. I never quite considered this fallout, but it seems men are totally freaked out by a woman having written a book about dating. Who knew.

As though they are all interesting enough to be written about. Oy, the ego! So that’s what happens when you put yourself out there. Men flee and treat you like a pariah. I guess this is the case for any non-fiction writer who writes about life around them, their experiences, what they see.

Oh well. It’ll be the strong man who has enough confidence to know I’m a writer and it doesn’t mean he will be written about. There are the few who think it’s cool and even offer me stories for my next book.

I like that guy.

He’s super cool and confident and knows it’s not about him.

And there is no next book. I don’t think. Though I am tossing around the idea of doing one co-authored with a male friend of mine on how men and women relate to each other in relationships/date/romance/sex. We’ll see. How much more undateable do I want to make myself lol

Anyway, if you want to date me know I wrote this book, but it doesn’t mean I’m taking notes on every guy I date. It might make a Twitter post as a brief observation, but for the most part 98% of the men I have met and dated are entirely forgettable. Like massively so lol.

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