Book Release, Dating Dos and Don'ts

Life’s little hiccups….

When in life have things gone as planned?

I don’t know about you, but not very often for me. Not my relationships (or marriage), expected birthing dates, careers, and as it turns out, even book release dates.

Through the “magic” of technology and “glitches,” my book will now be available for ordering next week rather than January 30. My publicist, when she gets my email in a  few hours, will be less than thrilled with this setback, change of plans…call it what you will.

Release dates are important because in publishing we work up to that date and try to garner attention and interest so that ON release date people flood Amazon and buy your book. Because release day sales are what impact sales rankings. It’s all a game. Meh. I don’t play games, not in dating or any other aspect of life. Even book releases.

It all can be stressful. If you let it.

I’m not worried. I’m not stressed. It is what it is and what will happen will happen.

I wrote this book for single women so they could navigate online dating with a heads-up before getting ambushed by the manmines like I did.

So the book is out in a  few days, 3-5 days to be exact lol. I hope it helps you out in your journey back into dating. As always, send questions if you have them! I’ll answer honestly right here on this blog.