Who’s that girl?


Thanks for stopping by. I’m an editor and writer based in Ontario, Canada. I set this site up to complement a book I am having published soon based on my time online dating and my experiences. It’s a savvy little guide to help other women navigate the waters of online dating. And what waters they are!

I will keep pumping this site full of as much information as I can about dating. Tips, advice, stories…whatever I feel like at the time.

But I want your stories too! And questions! Send me a question and I will give an answer right on these pages for others to read the answer too. Guys, I’ll answer your questions too!

This is a pet project and I am doing it because I am passionate about it. I wish someone had written a book like this for me to read before I went out there. Oh sure, there are books about online dating, but nothing from someone who actually went in deep and then came back up to report on what she found. I did that lol.

I also write profiles, so if you want some help with yours to get better, more positive feedback from men and women, give me a shout and we can get going on that and get you dating even more, because you’re awesome. We just need to reflect that in your profile!

Alethea xoxo

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