Profile Writing Service

Online dating is all about first impressions made, well, online.

Not face to face to start. So you need to make sure your best face is put forward. It needs to be upbeat, lively, friendly, and personable. Many people go out there with somewhat hostile profiles because they are fed up with the games and bs that comes with dating in general, so that negative energy is very much felt in the write up.

That negativity won’t get you dates, at least not good ones.

Your profile should reflect who you are, and it shouldn’t be boring, dull, hostile, or aggressive. It should be friendly and light and upbeat.

Let me help you craft a profile write up that is sure to get you many matches. I’ve been  a writer for over 17 years, and have written many profiles for myself and have tested variations. I have a really good idea what works.

I charge $99. That’s it. A small fee to get you dates and hopefully find you love (or whatever it is you’re looking for!). 

I’ll write your profile and a header if needed for that fee. I’ll give you three rewrites in case the first one doesn’t grab you. And I’ll turn the first version around within 48 hours because love waits for no one! All you need is a little black hook to reel them in (since you can’t wear a little black dress right away lol).

And guys, you need this service maybe more than women because many of you don’t write much of anything or anything at all!

Send me a message to becreative26(at)hotmail(dot)com and we can get started right away. 🙂