Dating Coach & Profile Writing Services



At a loss as to what to do to get the guy?

I went out there in the dating world for two years and dated and dated and … dated some more. I’m still out there just not as aggressively.  I’m on hiatus right now as I write this actually.

I talked and messaged with hundreds of men so I could find out how men tick, what they want, what they don’t want, what they were really like…and now all of this time and energy and research can benefit you beyond the book I wrote. I have REAL WORLD experience having been out there in the trenches that many dating coaches and experts don’t have.

I’ve succeeded. I’ve failed. But I learned about men and dating, which was the goal, and I can help you navigate this realm and get crystal clear about what you want and how to get it.

I’ll coach you on how to get past whatever is stopping you from succeeding in your dating life and guide you on a path filled with more positive energy and joy — which will translate into a better dating experience overall. Can I promise you love or a match made in Heaven? Hells no lol. Nobody can and if they do, run the other way. Charlatan!

What I can promise is that you’ll come out of our time together more confident and clear headed with a plan and deep understanding of how to tackle your dating life.

I can coach you through:

  1. Getting back out there after not dating for  a while;
  2. How to make your online dating profile work for you and get you noticed;
  3. How to message men to get the most effective and favourable responses;
  4. Walk through your first and second dates to see why he hasn’t asked for another;
  5. Getting date ready for that all important first date … and third date.

And give you general advice on dating from someone who knows and has been there and seen it all. You pick the topic and we will work through it together!

Dating Coach Rates

Coaching rates are only $65/hr.

I coach on the phone or in person if you live in the GTA.

Email me at to set up an appointment.

Get your dating life on track!


Profile Writing Service

Online dating is all about first impressions made, well, online.

So you need to make sure your best face is put forward. It needs to be upbeat, lively, friendly, and personable. Your profile should reflect who you are, and it shouldn’t be boring, dull, hostile, or aggressive.

Let me help you craft a profile write up that is sure to get you many matches. I’ve been  a writer for over 18 years, and have written many profiles for myself and have tested variations. I know what works.

I charge $99. That’s it. A small fee to get you dates and hopefully find you love (or whatever it is you’re looking for!). 

I’ll give you three rewrites in case the first one doesn’t grab you. And I’ll turn the first version around within 48 hours because love waits for no one! All you need is a little black hook to reel them in (since you can’t wear a little black dress right away lol).

And guys, you need this service maybe more than women because many of you don’t write much of anything or anything at all!

Email me at and we can get started right away. 🙂