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When He Deletes His Profile Before You Exchange Numbers…


I met someone on Plenty Of Fish. We got along well and the conversation was good. We clicked right away because we work in the same field, which gave us lots to talk about. The attraction was there, online at least. We made plans to meet on Friday evening to go for a walk. Today he deleted his account and we never exchanged contact information. What gives? Janis from Toronto

Janis, this is a case of men behaving badly, though I’ve heard that women do this too.

So why did he do it? Because he isn’t really interested in meeting up with anyone. He was online to chat and get some matches, kill some time. His expectations were very different  than yours when he signed up.

He wasn’t there to find someone to actually date like you probably are. He was there to pass the time. And when it got too real, like actually meeting, he bailed and deleted his entire account.

I’ve had guys do that then a week later they are back in my swipe feed. It’s a pattern for these guys. And these are the guys you don’t want to date anyway. I know it feels unfortunate right now, but it’s a blessing in disguise.

Weed out the guys now who aren’t here for real so you can focus your time and energy on the guys who actually do want to meet you, get to know you, and–oh my god!– maybe even date.

The D word has become what the R word once was, and few men actually want to date for real these days. Just move on and keep swiping! xoxo

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